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About Us

Centennial Group has been offering tailored and all-inclusive benefits solutions for more than 50 years. We recognize that your workforce is your most valuable resource. As a versatile organization, we cater to both individuals and businesses, with our offices spread throughout Michigan. Our personalized tactics are intended to streamline the intricacies of benefits administration, leaving you free to concentrate on expanding your enterprise. We employ cutting-edge technology, offer individualized assistance, and deliver competitive pricing, making it effortless for you to entice and maintain top talent while safeguarding your staff's well-being. Allow us to assist you in designing a benefits program that enriches your corporate ethos and propels your business towards success.

Our Mission

Our core values of strength, integrity, respect, and community have been guiding us since our establishment in 1967. Our client-centric approach is built upon these values, which form the bedrock of our operations. Leveraging our expertise and resources, we work tirelessly to develop and implement customized financial strategies that enable our clients to achieve their goals and objectives.

Strength | Integrity | Respect | Community

These values are the foundation of our client-centered approach. We apply our experience and resources to develop and implement financial strategies designed to help meet our clients' goals and objectives.

Our History

The origins of The Centennial Group can be traced back to Lansing, Michigan in 1967 when it was founded as a financial services firm under the name Creamer and Associates.

Our Primary Purpose

In 1976, the founder purchased an old Centennial Farm House to serve as the company's headquarters. As the year marked the country's Bi-Centennial, the founder decided to rename the firm The Centennial Group, inspired by the name given to farms that had been run by the same family for 100 years. Today, more than 50 years later, The Centennial Group remains a thriving financial services provider, dedicated to serving the Midwest with the same long-standing commitment as its namesake founders did in the last century

Our Milestones

The firm started out by offering life insurance to families and small businesses as a means of mitigating risks.

Client Centered

In 1990, we founded our own Broker-Dealer, Centennial Financial Services, to cater to the investment needs of the same demographic. In 1996, we expanded our investment offerings to include Investment Advice and established Centennial Investment Planning. In 2007, we ventured into the world of Employee Benefits Consulting and founded Centennial Employee Benefits, with a focus on serving small to medium-sized businesses. As our firm continued to grow, we sought a more comprehensive approach to compliance and subsequently sold our Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisory practices in 2006. We moved our relationships to Principal Securities, Inc. in 2013.


In 2020 we're “Celebrating our Past while Inspiring the Future”. The leadership team is most proud of the firm's ability to grow and develop people who have a legacy of service to so many individuals and businesses. Our sincere desire is for our clients to recommend us heartedly.

Centennial Financial Services, Centennial Investment Planning, Centennial Employee Benefits  are not affiliates of any company of the Principal Financial Group®.

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