About Us

Centennial Group has been serving communities since 1967.  We are a multi-faceted financial services company serving businesses and individuals with offices throughout Michigan and Indiana.  We use customized strategies to help our clients make decisions with their money.  

Our Mission

Since our founding in 1967, we have always been guided by and remain focused on five timeless values.

Strength | Integrity | Respect | Community

These values are the foundation of our client-centered approach. We apply our experience and resources to develop and implement financial strategies designed to help meet our clients' goals and objectives.


Our History

The Centennial Group started out as an individual financial services firm in Lansing, Michigan in 1967. Originally, it went by the name Creamer and Associates after its founder.  In 1976 he purchased an old Centennial Farm House for the firm's headquarters “a name given to farms continuously run in the same family for 100 years”.  This was also the year of our country's Bi-Centennial.  With it, he felt compelled to name the company The Centennial Group.  We are still going strong over 50 years later!  We are well on our way to serving the Midwest in Financial Services in the same “centennial” fashion our namesake founders did in the last century! 


Our Milestones

The firm began as a simple life insurance agency providing risk protection to individuals and families.  In 1990 we established our own Broker-Dealer, Centennial Financial Services to meet the investment needs of those same people.  Expanding our investment business into giving Investment Advice in 1996 we established Centennial Investment Planning and then ventured into the Employee Benefits Consulting world by establishing Centennial Employee Benefits in 2007 as a Benefits Consulting Firm for Small to Medium-sized business.  In 2006 desiring a more comprehensive approach to compliance from our growing firm we sold our Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisory practices and subsequently in 2013 we moved those relationships to Principal Securities, Inc.



In 2020 we're “Celebrating our Past while Inspiring the Future”.  The leadership team is most proud of the firm's ability to grow and develop people who have a legacy of service to so many individuals and businesses.  Our sincere desire is for our clients to recommend us heartedly.